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A board game of finite resources and infinite possibilities

3-4 Players
One Winner
Everyone Can Lose
The Story

LAST YEAR OF CARBON is a cooperative and competitive strategy boardgame. Each player acts as a renewable energy company in a world running on the last drops of non-renewable fuel (gas, coal, etc.).

You must work together to power the planet, while simultaneously building up your infrastructure and convincing the public that you (and only you) are the best company to replace carbon based fuels.

Do you have what it takes to survive & thrive during the Last Year Of Carbon?

3-4 Players
One Winner
Everyone Can Lose

Every game of Last Year of Carbon takes place over 4 seasons, with 12 turns per player (one turn per month in the year) Half way through, a new deck with increased effects is swapped in. Additionally, before every round, NEWS CARDS are flipped causing world-altering effects... but who knows... it might be... good? The Last Year of Carbon is an adventure of discovery. Where each card can make or break your entire strategy. Where one player's actions may change how every subsequent player takes their turn. Where fingers become crossed, hopes become dashed, yet maybe, just maybe, we'll make it to the next season. To start again the nail-biting anxiety of creating a house of cards that may topple at any second. Only one person may stand victorious, but everyone can lose.

What's in the box?!

Each Game Supports 3-4 Players

We've jammed as much game as we possibly could into a box of the Last Year of Carbon, to the point where we know there's still more to discover. After 6 years of development, we're proud to bring you a fun, challenging, and revealing experience for you and the other players around the table. New strategies will emerge and exciting card interactions will unfold each time you play. Bonds will be formed and be broken. Dark horses will emerge victorious from what seemed like total defeat. And if you play long enough, you'll see it all click together, and the perfect strategy will fall into the palm of your hand. Only to have it ruined by someone playing a Summit card, and all you can do is watch your life's work burn to ash before your eyes. Better luck next time, which may be sooner than you think, since most people who've played once can't wait to play again.


  • 400 Energy Cubes
  • 24 Factories
  • 24 Batteries
  • 200 Custom Cards
  • 4 Player Mats
  • 1 Center Mat
  • 4 Energy Cups
  • 25 Carbon Pieces


"read every. single. card. they'll make you laugh, then cry, then laugh again."

David, LYOC Kickstarter Supporter

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