Here's a list of common questions and clarifications about LYOC

  • Do Summit Contributions carry over between seasons? i.e. If we are in a 4 player game and collectively raise 14 energy for Spring, do the remaining 2 energy count for next season's goal?
    • No! Each season's goal must be reached with energy donated in the same season. No cumulation, no carryover.
  • How do Summits work?
    • Players take turns resolving contracts and awards in the same turn order they are currently in.  (Check video for contract/award resolution order). If any contracts or awards compare energy donations, players reveal how much they have donated now, and the outcome of the award is based on these current amounts.
    • After contracts and awards, everyone reveals how much they donated for the current Season. If you are below the Season's Energy Requirement, take the difference between the Energy Requirement and how much energy the players have donated, and move that many carbon pieces from the central carbon reservoir (black box in the bottom game box) into the world energy pool (the larger white side of the bottom game box). If you do not have enough carbon to make up the difference, THE GAME IS OVER AND EVERYONE LOSES.
    • Take 4 summit cards and give them to the player who donated the most energy this Season. This player will select 1 card, then pass the remaining cards to the player who donated the second most. This process repeats for the third player, and the fourth player does not get a summit card. Any and all players who tie for least energy donated do not receive a Summit Card.
    • The player with the highest PR decides who goes first in turn order for the next season. If PR is tied, then the tiebreakers are as follows: most factories, most batteries, least carbon footprint, then finally the first person who places a finger on the next season's Energy Requirement on the central mat.
  • Can a starting factory, the factories over the lightning bolts on your player mat, be lost via a news effect?
    • Yes :(
      No worries though, if you are missing any factories that you normally start the game with, the next time a news card is flipped you automatically get those factories back. However, these factories do not produce energy the same turn you add them back.
  • Do you always fail the Flat Earth contract?
    • Yes
  • Is there a hand limit?
    • No. Please note that with Polydactylism you draw a card the turn you play it, and every subsequent season you draw one additional card.
  • How do "Reveal at Winter Summit" Summit cards work?
    • You can play Summit card with the text "Reveal at Winter Summit" in the text at the bottom of the card when it is your turn to resolve contracts and awards. You may play any of these cards in any order before OR after each contract/award you have, if any.